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About VW Retail Solutions

Greetings!  I am Scott Vander Waal, president of VW Retail Solutions and chief architect of the VWRS software suite.  I have a graduate degree in computer science and have been developing software and technology solutions for over 40 years.  In that time, I have gained insight to a wide variety of industries including heavy manufacturing, agriculture, supply chain, health care and pharmaceutical, travel and leisure, and omni-channel retail.  I have had the privilege of developing and implementing highly effective technology solutions for some of the world’s leaders in these industries.  Many of these, extremely sophisticated, highly customized and highly expensive.  And that’s great if you are a multi-billion-dollar corporation with budgets for those kinds of solutions.

A few years back, this became painfully obvious to me when my wife took over her family’s independent book store.  As you can imagine, she needed to be creative if she was going to be competitive in a market place exploding into on-line markets and delivery methods.  She needed to use technology to compete in a rapid changing market and she needed it quickly.

She initially took my advice and looked at several off-the-shelf solutions.  None of which could provide good solutions to the businesses’ unique customer trade and credit programs.  I next suggested looking for someone who could offer a basic solution and add some customization. The costs were simply too high to justify.  It was frustrating.  It took a considerable investment in time and we were no closer to a solution.

To make matters worse, the existing system started breaking down.  The software was way past its end-of-life and would not run on new hardware.  Though I didn’t initially want to get hands on, we were in crisis and someone had to step in.  First to patch a few things back together, then to develop some “down and dirty” solutions to keep from losing control of 200,000 or so SKUs.

As I reflected on this predicament, I realized that there just weren’t enough low-cost options out there that could adapt to our business or offer flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of our ever-evolving customer base.  I have spoken with numerous other business owners with the same frustrations.  I wanted to solve the problems for my wife’s book store. I had the skills and experience to do that.  More importantly, if I was going to do this, I wanted develop applications and tools that weren’t just customized for our business.  I wanted to develop applications that were easily configurable to fit more types of retail, support on-line commerce, and provide rich features that would easily scale from a small shop to an enterprise.  And lastly, I wanted to offer these tools with a low-cost license fee to keep them in reach of the little guy.

And just like that.  VW Retail Solutions was born!  Providing retail solutions that can be easily implemented on inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardware.  Solutions that are easy to learn and use, and add value to your customer’s experience and your bottom line.

Our robust, feature rich application suite provides effective tools for the modern retailer or restaurateur  at an affordable price.  We understand the challenges of competing and being profitable in today’s retail & restaurant climate.  Our modular design allows you to start small and grows with you allowing you to add features when the time is right, without breaking the bank.  Growing from a single Point-of-Sale terminal to a multi-store enterprise is as easy as snapping toy blocks together.

We are committed to continuing to evolve our solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly changing, technology driven, environment across all sales channels.


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